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Chatter Hammer

Is it a crankbait, a spinnerbait or a jig? The Chatter Hammer is everything rolled into one! Swim it, drop it, rip it, drag it, the Chatter Hammer's unique stainless steel blade creates a throbbing action that attracts fish. Why wait weeks for your order and hope for your favorite color when you can get any color you can dream of today. Built around the Eiron Breaker Hammer Jig with a Mustad Ultra Point hook, you will not find a better made bait at such a reasonable price! You also have two options, the open-hook style which is great for swimming around docks or sparse cover. You can also get the Chatter Hammer with a built in weed guard to drag through the thickest brush pile or nastiest cover. Bass have never seen a lure like this and it will not drain your wallet! The options are limitless for color, trailer type, or jig style.

For massive bass or toothy pike and muskie, load the giant Chatter Anvil on a big rod and get ready for a trophy!  

Chatter Hammer - 1/4, 3/8, 1/2 oz

Super Chatter Hammer - 3/4, 1, 1.5 oz

Chatter Hammer - $4.00 each

Super Chatter Hammer - $4.50 each
- now larger sizes available!!

With or Without Weed Guard

Blade Tape Colors: Silver, Gold, Chartreuse, Red, Blue




 Black & Blue

Bleeding Shad

Blue Herring



 Electric Blue

Green Pumpkin

Lavender Shad

1/2 Mtn Dew


Nose Bleed

Ozark Craw

Rusty Craw


Additional colors available upon request from other product color pages.

 Shimmy Shad

Table Rock Shad



1/2 White/Chartreuse

Fish With A Hammer!

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